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Sunday, July 08, 2007


This is how it went. (Really, this guy held me at gun point. I HAD to do it.. At least that's what I told Jeff.) The door bell rang and Veda ran to get the door. She opens this door and there is a man standing there. I would say he was in his early 20's- college kid. He starts giving me this babble about kids books and I say "No thanks, I'm all set." The next thing I know this guy is sitting on my couch with books spread everywhere!! Needless to say, I am the sucka. I ended up purchasing some books. Only a few. Well, okay- they were pretty expensive. I have to say in my defense that the books are pretty cool. But not THAT cool. I plan on calling the company tomorrow to have them come back and pick up the books as I was temporarily INSANE!!

Had a great visit with my "mom and dad". Played a lot of Trouble and ate way too much. If you're wondering why the "mom and dad"- it's because I have adopted these two. I have know "dad" since I was a wee kid and "mom" came soon after. Veda told "dad" that she was so glad that they were here because no-one ever gets to spend time with her as they are too busy with me and/or Soren. Ugh. That one hurt. He shared that info so I knew that even though she is saying she is doing fine- she may need a little extra TLC.

Today we spent moving books and cleaning up Veda's room. I had some friends over and so did Veda. Veda and I did our toenails together this morning so we are trying to have mom/Veda time. (I am trying to be a good mom.)

Tomorrow my agenda is to get Mr. Book Guy back here and pick up his golden laced books. I am also going to try to get another room organized. I really would like to get the house together before I head back to work.

Soren is STILL awake a lot at night. Trying to work on that before I go back to work so I have some sort of sanity. I still don't believe how I haven't just fallen over into a deep coma or sleep like state with the lack of sleep I have endured.

Still negotiating with my friend about whether or not she may have Soren.

And why can't I get "Soren" to pass through my spellchecking... UGH!


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