Random thoughts (really needing to just get stuff off of my chest....)

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Horrible blogger...

Can you tell I have moved to facebook?? I will try to keep up here as well but I believe there are only a few of you who read this... and most of you are on facebook too.

Veda and Soren are doing great!! They are such the little troopers! They dealt with me while I spent most of my summer with my head in review guides for my licensure exam. The day I took my exam Veda said to me... "mom, I hope you pass your exam." And I asked her why she said that with such emotion and she said "because I just want to play with you." UGH. I have been a horrible mom and wife most of the summer because I have been so obsessed with this stupid test. Well, it's finished. AND I PASSED!! It was horrible and I never want anything to do with it again. I have two of my friends that I want to help through it but beyond that forget it!!

Jeff is back to work doing his normal 12 hours at a time. I think he is still having pain here and there but is doing a lot better. He now just has to deal with his blood pressure that seems to be coming back down- he is getting dizzy spells. Welcome to my world of anemia!!

I started back to work yesterday so my summer has offically ended.

My friend C had her baby a few weeks ago and I have only gotten to hold her one day... BOO HOO!! I was hoping to get up and see her this weekend but I don't think it's going to pan out.

The rest of my family is good. Playing on the lake and the such.

Today I feel pretty good. Did I mention that I have decided to run a half marathon?? I know. CRAZY! But I think it is a good motivator for me. So I have been running more and working out more. I just hope I am going to be able to stick to it while I am working.

That's it for now.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The baby is here!! (Not mine silly!!)

Cat had her baby today. She is beautiful so I thought I would get some pictures up. No name at this point. It has changed several times.

Problems with posting... you can see the baby on my facebook account. Just look under my name now. DW

Sunday, July 06, 2008

7 years ago today...

Seven years ago today I was playing with my baby girl at our new home. My husband was at work and life was going as planned. Seven years ago today my life changed when my husband died. And now that it has been 7 years, I have to say that although it is not the life I had chosen, this is the life I want. I am happy with my two kids and my husband. Yes, I still miss Tad and wonder what life would have been like with him but I don't wish it were that way. I have grown as a woman and mother, daughter and friend during this process and although it sucked (and often still does) I am a better person. I have learned that you only get one shot at this thing called life. Again, accidents happen. Like a good friend told me "It's like stepping in dog shit. It's an accident."

So as for today, another year, another July 6th, I am here. Sad and sifting through memories but I am here and loving every minute of what I get (at least I am trying).

I promise not to be one of those people who only post crappy things so when I get back home I will post some really great pictures of my amazing kids!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

As for your blogger space...

I am sorry that I have abandoned you blogger. I have been busy being a mom.
I am officially finished with work for the summer. I go back on August 1st so I have some time off to play with my kids and study for my exam. I have been trying to squeek some study time in every day- not always working. I spend Friday night and Saturday morning at a review session in the DET. Hey did the Wings win last night? I'll have to check that.
Veda finishes school on Thursday and she is not happy about it. She heard this commercial that says "the average child looses 2 and a half months of what they learned in school over the summer." She does not like this. So we are trying to come up with a plan for her to retain all of her brains. She has been pretty decent lately. A bit of testing but that's normal with anyone made partially from my blood. Her piano is coming along great! I have to say she has some talent- not from me.
Soren is busy teething now. He hit me in the eye this morning with a lego (one of the oversize ones) so I have this funny little mark that makes it look like I have bad makeup on the side of my eye. Waiting to see if I get a black eye. He is thinking about walking. He does it between the couch and table but not on his own. He will get there soon enough I am sure. He is still pretty funny. Loves to go running with me and adores to be pushed in the swing. He is not going to be in daycare this summer while I'm off (except for the occasional day just to keep familiar with his daycare provider). So the kids and I will have some time to play!!
Jeff started back to work last night. THANK GOD! I am feeling the money pressure big time. It will figure itself out right? I think he is really glad to be back again getting to see his friends at work and just being out of the house.

Madchen is having surgery as we speak. (Great on the money situation.) She has to have one of her claws removed as she broke it last week. I guess she was out playing with her frisbee and caught it on something.
I have added some recent pictures for you to see. Family one taken at Binder Park Zoo with friend CE

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I will use my friend sortingoutthebabystuff's way of saying this... "There is a new star in heaven today." T died. His little heart could not make it.

My heart is broken for C and K.

Please send C, K and P (T's twin) all of your thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks. Their grieve is sure to be immense.


My friend C had her twins on Monday. The little boy is having a lot of difficulty and I just heard he is not doing well. He has some heart problems. He already has had one heart surgery. Please think, pray, manifest- whatever it is that you do- please just do it for baby T!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

He's one!

So Friday was the boy's official birthday. He is just growing so fast. I will post new pictures soon I promise. Just have been pretty busy. Go figure. He had a fun family birthday party. I made him a Moose Cake- he is rather big hence a "Moose Baby". We grilled and ate. Good stuff. He is starting to want to walk with help. I bet in the next month or so I am going to be in trouble.

He fell off his babysitters couch on Monday and today we went in to get a CT scan. Fun. He really didn't like the idea of some strange lady coming and taking him out of my arms and holding him down on this crazy machine. But we got through it. It only took a few times.

UM P.S.- money sucks. I have never in my life REALLY worried about money. I don't like doing it! To be honest right now my checkbook is overdrawn by $600. Hopefully Jeff will be able to go to work soon. He got the okay- with restrictions- but we need to make sure that there is work he can do with his restrictions. I think I will start hookin'. Little money that will bring in... I have to remember (as much as I hate this saying... it always comes to be true)... "it will all work out". So for now I hope tomorrow comes fast before my checks clear. But then I have the next two weeks to worry about. Ugh.

Veda has still be dealing with D****. She was suspended for 3 days over her last verbal attack of Veda. I am really frustrated with her.

Jeff is feeling better but he really wants to get back to work. If he doesn't I am going to send him out to find a money tree seedling.

More soon...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Baby no more..

So Soren turned one on Friday. Wow. Can't believe how time goes so quickly. We had a family party and that was great. Good to be with everyone.

I am busy working on preparing for my Social Work Licensing Exam. Coming up soon. I sure hope I do well. I hate standardized tests!! I just took a practice exam and got an 86%. There were two that I wasn't sure about and I guessed so it could have been an 84% but I guessed right!

My friend C and her husband K delivered their babies today!! Yeah. They are safe and sound.

I have posted some pictures because frankly they say more than I can.
Unfortunately those are my underwear on my son's head. Thanks mom...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I remember the days that Veda lived in this little Chariot. Now she doesn't fit in it and there is this little boy who has taken her seat.

His first bike ride which ended with his first ice cream cone.

There were some interesting moments... when the Chariot came disconnected from my bike and I had to stop and try to figure it out by the side of the road. The passerby's must have found it hilarious!!

I love my kids!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Photo update

Cute little bum...

They love eachother so much that it makes me sick.

Piano Man. Trying to be like his sister.