Random thoughts (really needing to just get stuff off of my chest....)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Our first family Bulldog game.

Here we are enjoying the new stadium. Veda is trying out for quarterback next season. Soren is just enjoying the smalls skirts on the cheer team. We had a blast. Then we went to the Ren Fest today. So much fun. Different with a baby though- unable to watch the joust as the screaming people completely freaked him out. Also got to see some good friends for a few minutes. All and all a great weekend.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Between the snot and fever...

So pretty much my whole family has been ill this week. I made it until yesterday before it hit me. Now I am here with my head ready to blow up.. I need a stiff drink to clear this up.

This week has been okay for me. Work and kids. Little Jeff time this week which has been a bummer. He has picked up a few evening shifts and, well- we have two kids.

Okay, yet another quirky thing I have done. Today is exactly as many days (134) that Veda was alive before Tad died. Today Soren is 134 days old. And at 6:18 it will be the exact amount of time. I looked at Soren this morning and looked at Jeff and said "He is just so little". I made Jeff promise not to go anywhere- he is good enough to humor me and let me be a freak about this. I just have time issues. You all know that. It will be good to have today over with. That is really the last "time" thing that I have obsessed about.

Work is going well. I really like it where I am. Lots of needy students though. I feel like a mother to a lot of the kids on campus.

One of my dear friends had a miscarriage this week. Life is so FU***NG unfair! She is strong and brave and is handling it much better that I ever would. I will get to hug her this weekend.

Veda is enjoying school. Though she said to me the other day "Mom. Mrs. X (of course not really X) is not challenging me." Now I don't know if she is saying this just to get my goat or if she really feels this way.

The life of a working mom isn't all that fun. No time to even work out. I miss my friends.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tub time

So things are going well. Busy I bet you can assume since I barely have time to sit and blog. Work keeps me 9 hours a day and the kids/house/husband the fill the rest.

Work is fun. I enjoy it. I think I am settling in okay. I am teaching a study skills course and feel pretty confident in what I am doing. Next semester is Reasearch Paper Writing- UGH. But it will be okay. Meeting a lot of students and trying to remember names. That is going to kill me I swear.

Funny about Soren. He has decided that the "cool" thing to do when he takes a bath is to hold on to his "package" the whole time. I kid you not. I have pictures to prove. I would post them here but I know I would end up in jail.

Veda started school yesterday and is really liking her teacher. I can't wait to meet her- we have open house tomorrow night. Two of her best friends are in her class. But I am having a heck of a time getting her to eat lunch. I think she spends too much time talking.

Jeff is doing well. He is worried about his job. The hospital he works for doesn't seem to be doing that well. I think he may start putting his feelers out.