Random thoughts (really needing to just get stuff off of my chest....)

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The skinny...

Okay- not so skinny. But the "low down" on my belly. Went to get an ultrasound today. Things look good. Soren is measuring at 30 weeks 5 days which put his due date at May 4th!! This is a full 12 days earlier! Right now he weighs 3 lbs 4 oz. His head is measuring at 31 weeks. Must be a smart one. (All of that tofu and the protein drinks.) We got to see him on 3-D again. So neat. This time Jeff got to come down and see him. His head is already down and the woman said usually at this point they will stay down. Cool. Placenta is not "low lying" like it was last time. We are in the clear. Just waiting for him to come.

We had a good time for Veda's b-day. We went to the water park with some of our friends. She now is with my folks for the week. And she doesn't miss me and she doesn't want to come home. So Jeff and I are going to take advantage and go see a movie tonight. Hopefully I won't fall asleep.

I am such the typical pregnant woman. Edema and all.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Feeling better..

Thank goodness that she feels better today. She has her friend J here and he is going to spend the night. We are going out to a restaurant that sings to people when it is there birthday. This was a requirement of Veda's. Silly what things really matter.

Had a very lazy day. Didn't even want to get up. But I did. I even went and worked out. But beyond that it has ONLY been folding laundry. I guess I deserve to have a day of rest.

Tomorrow (pending the weather) we are going to a water park. I love water parks. I am just wondering if I am going to be able to go down any of the slides. I will be bummed if I can't. I become such a kid at these places. Usually Veda is asking to go before I am. I just love water and slides. Fun!

The mural should be done today. It looks so awesome! You will have to come and see it- or come and figure out how to get my Kodak pics to post.

Not much else. Pregnancy doesn't allow for too much fun. :)

Friday, February 23, 2007

My girl is six today...

So here's a funny story. If you know Veda you can see how cute this would be. Around 3 or 4 this morning I hear her door open and her whimper. She comes into our room and says "my throat hurts!" I look at her and notice that she is naked. Really naked. And to top that off she lost her front tooth last night. So I look at this child silhouetted by the night light in the hall and wonder "where did my baby go?" A six year old decided she is too hot and takes off her pajamas and knows enough to ask for some help. UGH!

Jeff took her to the doctor today (She LOVES her Doctor!) and we found out she has strep throat. Pink meds here we come. We have to be ready for the water park on Sunday.

I made a homemade German Chocolate Cake for her and I sure hope she will be able to help me eat it. It looks really good.

So here I am with a sad child- no playing on her birthday and a husband who does not feel well either. On the positive side I don't have to work on Monday and I am now officially in my third trimester!!

Send good thoughts to my dear friend sortingoutthebabystuff ( as she is in the hospital now hoping to hold her baby in for a few more weeks.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Let me start with I hate being on call. Not always but when people decide to call you in the middle of the night just for FYI. I was up at 1:40 am listening to an FYI. Of course with my sleep troubles that kept me up until around 4:30. I was just awake in bed thinking. Finally I fall asleep again. Then at 5:00 am my work phone rings again. Same person- just telling me I am not going to have to go out to a new emergency admit right now as the family was really tired. (She could have just let it alone and I would have figured that one out.) Then our home phone rings because there is a fog delay. UGH! Pregnancy and sleep are not mixing well with my body.

I have my 28 week appointment today. I think they do the glucose testing today. So poke poke. I continue to grow at a rapid rate. I am assuming that I will gain another 20 lbs. I don't know where my body will put it. I read a few articles that say you gain approx. the same amount each pregnancy. My body is in a bit of shock. Joints are starting to get uncomfortable, etc. Regular pregnancy stuff.

Veda is 6 on Friday. Ouch!! I can hardly believe that she has been here 6 years. I swear it was yesterday that she was in my belly. Now on most days she acts like a big kid. It will be so strange to see her with a baby around. Wonder how she will react.

Not much exciting around here. Oh but the mural in Soren's room is coming along. Hopefully it will be finished soon.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The count is below 100 now...

67.5% of the way through my pregnancy. 92 days left until my due date. I am 27 weeks along in this journey. WOW! It amazes me how quickly a baby can be developed. And how quickly I can gain 30 lbs. Our bodies are amazing things. They can tolerate so much.

Work has been really busy lately. We are over 60 patients again. This means I take care of about 27. Most of them I see 2-3 times a month so it gets to be busy. Lots of issues here and there. It's Hospice work- never ending. I'm on call for the next two weeks. UGH! It is my own fault. I decided to do it so I don't feel so bad when I am off on my maternity leave. I have decided to take 12 weeks. I can't imagine only taking 6. It will be a strain on us financially but for me emotionally I have to do it.

My folks are on their way to AZ to visit family. I am envious of their travels. I can't wait to be able to do some of that.

I'm all about cheese lately.

Tomorrow is that Hallmark Holiday that everyone says doesn't mean anything. For us I think it has a special quirk attached to it. I am not sure what to do besides make heart shaped pizza. Jeff and I really don't need anything.

The belly is getting larger. As soon as I figure out how to find my pictures I will upload some again. Until then just imagine a basketball in my stomach.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

One addition..

You know me, I can never be fully satisfied.

I was lying in bed last night thinking about Soren Robert and decided that it was really important to me to have my maiden name in there as well. So he will be Soren Robert Mass.... Wa..

More than likely we won't even use the Mass... but at least I will know it is there.

Friday, February 09, 2007

We have a name!!

So Jeff, Veda and I just finalized Soren's name. Literally not even 10 minutes ago!! His name will be (is) Soren Robert Ward. Robert is Jeff's dad's name and his brother who died almost 30 years ago. We are excited to have him fully named!!

Soren's room is being painted today!! Jungle theme! I can't wait to see what it will look like.

Not much else- except Veda's piano teacher told me today that she is completely impressed with where she is at. She is playing cords!! How fun.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I'd like to brag about my child...

but that's not going to happen today. We'll save that for another day.

This is the note I woke up to today.
"Der Mom and dad I am goen to ignor you ul dae lugn disuptd, veda I hat you MOM"

Let me translate here... Dear Mom and Dad, I am going to ignore you all day long. Disappointed, Veda. I hate you MOM! Don't you like how the MOM at the end was in all caps. Not only that it covers 3/4 of the page.

I feel loved.

You see yesterday was a hard day. Starting out with me saying No to cheese sticks for lunch (our public schools serving cheese sticks for a main entree- no wonder we are all fat!). Then I "
made" her wear her snow pants. And I was going to make everyone at the bus stop make fun of her. Do you remember the weather yesterday? It was so cold. Isn't it my job to make sure she is warm and safe? I tried to give her the talk.. you know "It doesn't matter what other people think about you as long as you are happy with yourself and making good responsible choices." That went over with a bunch of tears.

After school she got into the house and was still mad at me about the cheese sticks. Then I asked to her play her piano before lessons to get one more practice in. Again, somehow I became the devil. You see, she was invited to a birthday party (today) and I had told her if she did not stop with the behavior she would not be able to go. Poor choices equal having to deal with consequences. Yesterday she forgot that I stick to my word. So last night after she had fun with Jeff when he got home she wanted a "sweet" and I said "Do you think that with your behavior today you deserve one? Honestly?" She said "No, but I want one." So needless to say she threw a HUGE TANTRUM and went to bed crying and screaming.

Today she tried to clean the windows and all of our pictures to earn back her privilege to go to A's birthday party. Not going to happen. I am sticking to this.

What will I do when she is a teenager? I am sending her to my parents house. They did a good job with not killing me. Well, there was that one time my mom attempted to run me over with the car....

UGH! Needless to say no birthday party today.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


So I don't sleep well anymore. That's become a common thing around here. Last night I was up quite a bit- noticing that Jeff was not in bed. I assumed he was out on the computer. Come to find out he was cleaning up vomit and rubbing Veda's belly. (Okay the comforter and blanket where in the hall in front of the washer. At least they made it downstairs.) And I MISSED IT! This is the first time I really haven't seen my daughter's puke. WOW! Somehow to me this is big. I wasn't needed. And that's okay.

She is feeling better this morning. Though she does not feel like she should go to school because "I don't want to get other people feeling yucky". She already knows that being home with her Polly Pockets may be more fun than school. Boy she is smart.

She just told me that "my poop smells horrible". Like I said, this kid is a genius! I love being a mom.

Not much else on this front. Jeff and I worked on our birth plan last night. I think he was a bit shocked when he read it as I was somewhat detailed. (With the help of an on-line birth plan form.) This will be fun.

Still out on the middle name. Jeff and Veda and stuck on Fynn. I like Emerson. I wonder how long this will go on.