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Friday, June 29, 2007


We went to see Dr. B. again this morning. He explained to me that he is NOT concerned about Soren. He does want to follow through on this but does not see any problem/s. He spent a lot of time things explaining things to me and I feel better. I think. We did go get more blood work as he really wanted to check his enzyme level along with his total biliruben levels. We are waiting for the call now to see what it shows. We did go to a different hospital and it went pretty well as far as poking your kid goes. Dr. B. measured his head and weighed him again. His head is within the normal range and so is his weight (12 lbs and 9 ounces- but that is with a onezie and diaper).

We will wait to see the biliruben levels before we decide on what to do about the few days of formula. The only positive I see to this is that I will get a good supply of breast milk built up. But maybe it will be wonderful for him and he will sleep through the night and be completely unfussy. Who knows...

Veda is going to try and stay the night at her friend Jack's house again. Wonder how that will go.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


By the way, today would have been 10 years...

I am so glad that mine has a silver lining.

Eye snot shot

Okay, this really happened. I swear! I barely believe it myself- if I hadn't seen it or had to wipe it up I wouldn't believe it.

Last night I was holding Soren and he sneezed. Just your average everyday sneeze. Nothing amazing. Not only did saliva slim all over me, but he shot eye snot out of his eye. I swear! It only made it to his eye lashes but he did it not only once- but twice.

Is this possible? Or is my child some super sonic eye shooting magician superhero?

Made an appointment for Dr. B. for tomorrow morning. I think we may try the formula for a few days to see if that kicks the jaundice. I just don't want to have him poked again- but want to follow through. (Thanks to AOJ for your love with this one.) I am sure it will be an interesting weekend...

Tornados, rain and heat- oh my...

We met my family in Detroit for the Detroit Symphony (okay- my sister and I stayed back at the hotel with the babies). We know one of the composers- family friend so we had dinner with his family and made a day of it. Hit Greek Town and Greenfield Village the next day. While we were at Greenfield we rain into real Heat! I am talking high 90's with a baby- not good. Then all of the sudden the winds came in, then the rain, then-- the tornado. We had to go back into HF building to escape the treacherous winds. (Okay I am exaggerating about the winds- mostly we didn't want to get the babies wet.) Anyway, we had a good time. I think we will take the kids back for a Tiger game before I head to work. Veda's favorite part was the people mover and the pool on the 17th floor.

Forgot to mention Soren's weight. 11lbs and 14 oz. I don't know why people always ask the weight... Obviously he knows how to eat. Still debating on whether or not to get another blood draw. No changes with sleep. Ugh.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dr. B called

Dr. B. called this morning and said that Soren's basic billiruben level is .1 and his total billiruben is .3. He does not understand whey there is a discrepancy. He is not worried at this point but wants me to follow up with him in 3-4 days if signs persist. Which they will since they have been going on for almost 7 weeks now. He mentioned more about his soft spot and just thought that may be one reason he is so tired. He will be looking into that as well. UGH! That means we will have to have Soren poked again. I will not let grubby girl do it this time!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Dirty Nails...

So today I decided that I had had enough of wondering why my child was still sleeping so much, if can hear, why he is grumpy when he is awake and why he still has a tan (jaundice) so I went to see Dr. B again. He was only concerned with the jaundice thing. Not that he is really jaundice but that he still is jaundice. So he sent us off to the lab for some lab work. And while we were walking out Dr. B. touches Soren's head and I said "Looking for a vein?" (joking of course) and he replies "No. I am just checking his soft spot again. It's small. It is something I am keeping my eye on." I say "Should I worry?" And tells me not to. (By the way, Dr. B. says that this jaundice could be from Soren nursing. So does that mean I may have to stop that? Dr. B. wants me to wait until we get the lab results before we decided on that. I am so frustrated! CALGON!!)

So, that means poking my child. Anxiously I go to the hospital lab and wait. And wait. And WAIT!! Finally we get called back and this girl (about 25) has me put him down on the table. I notice she has more stuff out than I have ever seen at one of my blood draws and I am a lot bigger than Soren. She goes for his arm... I question her about why she is not doing a heel prick- and she tells me that one of the tests (something about his electrolyte balance) can't be done that way. So she goes for one arm. Of course both Soren and I are bawling! She can't get anything. Another women comes in during this "procedure" and asks if she would like help. Now we have two lab people. So she heads for the next arm. It is at this time that I notice her finger nails. They are horribly dirty and she hasn't been wearing gloves. Not only are her nails dirty but she has some horrible body stench as well. She was kickin'. She tries the second arm and blows his vein. Then she goes for his foot. It is at this time that I feel like kicking this woman's ass but I know we can get some blood from the heel- just not all that we need. So after 20 + minutes of trying to console my child we get to leave.

I hate the smelly dirty finger nail girl!! (Jeff tells me that I shouldn't be hard on her for not getting a vein. Fine, I will just hate her for being gross and smelling!)

So, I don't know if we have all the blood we need. I think Dr. B. will want to know more about his electrolytes so he will more than likely send us back in. UGH!!

All I want right now is an Oberon and a pint of peanut butter ice cream.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Here we are at the Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor. Actually the one of Soren is at a local park- he sleeps while his sister plays in the splash pad.
Soren continues to grow. I can hardly believe that he is over 6 weeks old. My heart goes out to women who have to go back to work at 6 weeks. I am so glad that I decided to take more time. I don't know if I will be ready then.
Last night Veda was supposed to spend the night at a friend's house- no big deal. She does this quite a bit. But at 9:00 we get a call from my friend HL saying that Veda wants to come home! This has never happened! (Except for that one time she was sick and ended up puking all over the place- glad she did that at home!) Earlier in the day she said that this sleep over would be perfect only if her brother were going to be there. So is she having separation anxiety from him? Does she feel jealous that we are all home and she isn't here. Anyway- she came home and went right to bed. Most of the time she is the most amazing little girl. There are those moments... where I want to put her outside for a few hours.
Jeff and I are working through stuff. It appears that I am a bit too anal. Really?! Again, this is one of those times that if you know me at all you smile at Jeff's struggle. It really has been a commendable effort on his part. I am too anal and I think he tends to be a bit on the juvenile side. We both have issues and we are trying to discuss these the best we can. Marriage is hard. Relationships are hard. But I wouldn't give him up- I will keep him.
Enjoying the summer. Wish I could have had a solstice party but failed to get it together. Maybe next year.
Off to change a poopy butt.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Not much new here. Just trying to sleep when I can. Boy this having an infant is difficult work. I had forgotten how much energy it takes.

We went to my parents this weekend- see pictures- and had a good time. Got to ride a jet ski and even take Veda on a tube behind it. I had a blast! Jeff was able to come up most of the weekend as well. It is always nice to be at my parents house. Did I mention that my "home" sold? They closed on Friday morning. I have to admit that I am pretty sad. But as my mom said- I need to focus on the memories.

Soren is starting to make more sounds and is smiling at us (not just because he farted).

I am starting to get myself ready for the new job. Looking at putting together my syllabus. Doing a lot of on line research and looking at books. I am still excited about this job.

Not much else. Go find a blog that has something exciting to say...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bye Bye Love....

So our cat Raina had to leave our home. If you know me at all you know that this is not something I would ever do. I took her back to the Humane Society where we got her. We paid for her adoption fee so hopefully she will go home with someone else (an old lady maybe) sooner. We love her a lot but I don't deal with with things that mess with my children. Raina became a nut case. Well, she was anyway but she became worse after Soren's birth. Yesterday she had to move out. I am still depressed.

Soren continues to sleep- all the time. Really, when should I become concerned? Typically he has a few hours of awake time- but only a few. He has also really been having troubles with his tummy. I am not sure what I should do about this. Every time I plan to go to the Doctor he has a few good hours. I think if it continues this weekend I will go in. Not sure if it is my milk or just him having a hard time digesting.
My mom and dad sold their house. As of Friday it will no longer be ours. This makes me horribly sad.

Newest picture of the sibs. Veda still loves him- I wonder if she will ever get jealous?
And the fairies are still visiting our house. Veda got a message this morning and she was so excited! I wish I were a kid...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I jinxed it!!

Having a hard time with Soren the last few days. I think that my breast milk has been replaced with venom. He has been pretty miserable lately- tummy aches, gas and just plain uncomfortable! I am eating the blandest food in the world- no spices, no chocolate, no onions and certainly no garlic! Any suggestions? I am using gas drops- for him- and actually used Tylenol last night as he was surely in pain. It's unfair that I can't figure this one out.

He continues to sleep most of the time. Maybe up a few hours in the morning and a few in the afternoon. Again, should this worry me? I sound like a new mother! I know- I am. It has been a long time since I have done this.

Veda leaves today to go to her grandparents house. (Tad's parents). She is excited and I am leery. I hope she goes to bed before midnight and eats something other than pizza or McDonald's. I do love them. Really, I do.

Jeff's birthday is Sunday. Suggestions for presents? And he owns every camping/hiking piece of equipment out there.

So excited that my friend CE is coming today to visit!!

Off to calm a child.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

New Pictures..

Isn't my family so cute? I love the one with all three of them- Soren looks a bit drunk... Boob drunk I guess.