Random thoughts (really needing to just get stuff off of my chest....)

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


So last night consisted of non-profit bylaws jumping around in my head along with a nice sprinkling of MRSA outbreak in my house. (Should I get Veda checked?) Can't sleep just come easy? It's funny how when you get older you can just lie in bed for hours just thinking about what might happen or who might get hurt, etc.. I just want to be a kid again and just go to sleep without thinking about "stuff". But I do remember that creepy, snotty little troll that lived under my bed- I'm glad he's gone.

Veda had a fever last night. (100.5) What in the heck!? This child picks up everything I swear!

And there will be no Doves at our wedding. We are too far from this ladies home (even though in the add she said she could go well beyond where we are getting married!!).

Monday, January 30, 2006

MRSA outbreak at Great Wolf Lodge!!

We survived the waterpark!! We are home safely with the exception of finding out that JW now has MRSA. Now this is called a "SUPERBUG", and it is growing on my loves finger. Poor boy. He does go to the Doctor (and infectious disease control) tomorrow. So he will probably be on IV antibiotics. So JW is off work for awhile.

The waterpark was a blast!! I have found that I really love waterslides- even if they are really high up!! You see being up high is pretty scary for me. But not when you can jump on a tube with one of the willing kids and scream all the way down.

The dog ate our carpet up. And a book of mine. A pregnancy book so I guess I will have to hold off on that for awhile. It's a good thing since we have MRSA in the house. And of course there's the insurance issue again. So forget the PG book and move on. The puppy knew it wouldn't happen any time soon so he just nibbled on it. Ok he destroyed it!

I have the best friends in the world! One of my girls came her while I was gone and actually cleaned up my ripped up carpet/book for me. And let my dogs out to poop before they exploded.

Off to help J-Rock with dinnner. I'll even try not to tell him how to boil water.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Pink Eye schmik Eye!!

So today is the day we are supposed to take our daughter to the water park to celebrate her birthday- yes, a bit early- and she wakes up with pink eye. I swear this girl has pink eye 5-6 times a year. And always when we are going to be doing something. I think we are going to go anyway. It's not like it's the BIRD-FLU!!! We are going with another family (both the parents are nurses) so I don't think it will be that horrible. And won't the chlorine be good for it?? It kills pee germs in the pool can it kill pink germs as well?

It's raining outside. That means our house smells like wet dog. It really has been a good thing bringing dogs into my life but really with the piles of poop and the dog smell that we deal with around here we should get a metal of some sort! But they are adorable! Just smell like butt!

So yesterday, my daughter, Veda decided that she wanted to help out. This comes after a LONG spurt of grumpy behavior. She cleaned her room, her bathroom and started to clean the basement. Not sure what kind of drug I accidentally slipped her but I need to find out what it was. She even helped me fold laundry today!! It's a miracle!

So I told Jeff that he could surprise me with where we go for our honeymoon. Was this a mistake? As Veda says "it's a mystery". And that it shall be. I don't think it will be that easy for him to hide the info from me. I am a pretty good detective. Actually I was trained by Inspector Gadget. I watched so much of that cartoon I can turn my legs into go go gadget legs. But this only works on Mondays around 12:30.

Well, I should get ready to go and let my daughter pollute all of Sandusky with THE PINK EYE!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Busy days..

So the last few days have consisted of running here and there. Can't I just have one day to do nothing!! I am really rethinking this non-profit thing. I have met with a few other people who said "do you know what you are getting yourself into?" Obviously I don't. So the question is this... do I give it a try or just try and find a "job"? There are pros and cons to both and I just can't figure out which I would rather do. Hmm. I need to mull on this one. If I were to open this nonprofit I would have a bit of control in what happens. In other jobs I won't know what to expect. And then lies the insurance/baby issue. Will I ever have another baby? JW said to me today that he thinks "maybe we should just adopt". But then he did say that he isn't sure he wants to live all of his life without going through the whole pregnancy/delivery thing. I also reminded him of the $30,000- $50,000 we would need. Augh.

So JW had surgery on his "fat finger" (as my daughter so lovingly calls it). They took off his nail. Poor guy. He is in bed sleeping right now. Veda got in the car after school and just wanted to come home and make sure that her Daddy was ok. She cried when I told her that his fingernail was gone- then she told me that her fingers hurt too! Ok- now they aren't even biologically related!! But you can't tell them that. It's been really amazing to watch this relationship develop between the two of them. Veda really does have a Daddy.

Animals.. What in the hell was I thinking? I can just hear my Dad in the back of my head "Now Dani, you don't need any more animals." And here I sit spending 40% of my day chasing, cleaning up after, feeding or separating the animals. But yes, I love them. But my kitten is a spawn of satan!!

Glad to be in love.

Veda has been very emotional lately. Lots of tears. Wonder if it has to do with her birthday coming up. We are going to a water park this Sunday to celebrate! Should be fun. I get to drink beer and sit by a pool with JW, Veda and some good friends.

Peace out

Monday, January 23, 2006


So I am sure you have all seen the recent T.V. commericals for floam. Well, so has my daughter. I swear every child out there must be bathing in this shi*! But the funny thing- as my mother proceeded to buy her two (yes- 2) packages yesterday (each costing $7.99) we were saddened when we got home to find out that it doesn't work. So I sit here with my head cocked to one side on hold waiting for their customer service to answer my call. All for floam. It's been 25 minutes now.

Back to boys. You see my boy is wonderful! And I do mean wonderful. But there are simply a few things I just can't handle. In particular today it is the 0-60 attitude. One second he is laughing along with me and the next he is grumpy. Now I must be honest here- I did say "You said that already 2 or 3 times" (this is referring to him saying that he isn't going to pick up anymore midnight shifts at work). So that's all I said and you would think that I ran over his cat. So I proceed to gently exit off the phone but oh no- he get's defensive then. Boys... where are they from? Venus? Mars? I just think it is I never came from.

The floam people told me to return it to Target. **ck Floam! I am starting a protest. A march in Lansing perhaps! Who is with me??

Ok- one more thing on my mind. I met with some people regarding the non-profit I want to start. Everyone seems so hesitant in regards to this. This particular organization was here in this county once before but it had crumbled- needless to say it sounds like there were some hurt feelings along the way. Some I may run across and take the blame for. And yes, this attempt was 10 years ago. Bummer. So I am rethinking this whole idea. If not that, then what?? Augh- I just want to be a grown up and have it all figured out.

That's it for now..

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Snow Day...

So usually I spend snow days out doing something really fun. Today happens to be a snow day and we are both still sick! JW is now feelings sick too but he went to work- poor boy. But hopefully later today I will want to eat. Losing 3 lbs in a day is not a good thing- though it is progress toward my goal!!

So I have to admit- I watched the entire American Idol show last night. You see, I hate that I am one of those losers that watches reality T.V. but really I do enjoy it. I have always enjoyed peering into other people's lives. I remember when I lived up in the Detroit area I used to go for walks in different neighborhoods so I can try and look into people's houses (I'd go at dusk or dark- you get a better view) so I could see how they decorated their houses. Weird, I know. But it's true.

And come on do I really have to be a "woman" when I'm sick. Can't my uterus hold off until after I am finished with my sickness? Sometimes Mother Nature is cruel! But I guess I'll get it all over with at once.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Curry... the second time around.

So you know that flu that is going around? Well little did I know that the little bugger can crawl into your bed at night and attack at full force. I didn't know if I should sit or kneel!! So today, obviously, I am not feeling so well.

My daughter came downstairs last night, snuck in our room and waited for me to feel her presence there. It didn't take long- as any mother knows. Then it was the "I want my Daddy." Now mind you, before this I was heaving in the bathroom making all sorts of choice noises and did he hear me then? Would he come and hold my hair? Bring me toilet paper? No. But as soon as she said in her cute little girl voice "I want my Daddy" he sat right up and called her over. I see where I stand. In a puddle of puke.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog....

There have been so many times that I have just needed to write something down and can't find a place to do it. Well, my anwer is to blog. I guess an easy way to keep people updated on what is going on in our lives and quite frankly for me to process life.

Background: 32 year old mom engaged to be married (second marriage, widowed in 2001). Finishing graduate school in April, starting a local non-profit (what the hell am I thinking!!), still trying to get the vomit smell out of my carpet from my daughters recent battle with the flu- our bedroom LOST!!

Things on my mind today...

Number 1: My friend AOJ. She recently had a baby who did not survive for numerous medical reasons. She and her husband made a choice to delivery early as there was really no chance of survival. Her grief is deep. Being a person who knows grief all to well- I am still having a difficult time figuring out what I should do for her. Leave her alone? Let her call? I remember in my beginning stages of grief... I could not stand to be alone but was unable to ask for people to stay. (Thank Mother Earth that my parents were smart enough and just stayed.) My heart breaks for her, her husband and their late son.

Number 2: Boys... Now, I know that we really DO need them. Actually I am quite fond of my fiance. I love him to pieces. But boys... You know right when you think you are about to really understand them- BAM! They throw in the phone call of "You are my mashed potatoes and gravy during the day! You are my comfort food." The funny thing was when he called me I was actually in mid-sentence writing him an email about how I felt disconnected. You know- I hate to admit this but maybe it is me. PMS. No really- I must suffer from one of the worst cases. Every month about a week before my period I notice (okay, I'll be honest, the world notices- especially JW) that I may be a bit grumpy and oversensitive. So what now? Do I take a pill to calm my hormones and make me feel connceted to JW during that one week out of every month? Or do I just sit back and ride out the grump? I need a therapist.

Number 3: Insurance! Why the F*** does our country not have comprehensive insurance for EVERYONE! On Friday as I took sick-o to the Doctor (no insurance) I had to pay $128 at the window before even being seen! What is this?! Come on the kid had a fever of 103 and was obviously in some major little-kid-sick-mode. But Alas, my "Medical Discount Program" is effective today. This is something that I will pay well over $200 a month for and get pretty much nothing! But insurance companies will not insure me for some prior medical concerns I had years back- remember the head things? Yeah, where I kept losing my memory!! Anyway- the point is this.. I want to care for my kid. I wouldn't mind the occasional pap to be paid for so I know that I am not dying of cancer. And this leads me to...

Number 4: I want another baby (or two, or three). So do I wait until after we get married and chance it? My uterus could be a prune by then! I know, a bit dramatic but I wanted to actually start working with my degree at some point. This would be the best time to get knocked up. That way I could take a few months between graduation and work to boob this "potential baby". Anyway- I am bitter because I will just have to wait. Unless there just happens to be a tiny little microscopic hole in the condom that I didn't put there. Must have been the dogs!!

Well, I guess I have rambled on this long enough for today.