Random thoughts (really needing to just get stuff off of my chest....)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not much new info. We are waiting to see if J will be able to maintain his job with the hospital he is currently at. I say "Who Cares?!" He needs to get this done. We are just waiting to find out exactly what his restrictions will be after surgery.

Work is good. I leave for New Orleans a week from today. I will be there three nights and four days. LONG DAYS...

I am going to hate not being able to put my boy to bed. I am such a kid hog. I swear once you have kids you never want to leave them. Well, I guess my parents are okay with me being gone so it must happen someday. But for me it is surely not anytime soon.

I have to schedule to take my Social Work Examination soon. Within the next year. I hate tests. I have such anxiety. I really need to start looking at the books. To buy the study guide is well over 200 dollars! UGH! (I know that my money tree will bloom soon. I planted it years ago.)

So is cutting his 4 top teeth. He is doing such a good job. Poor little boy.

That's the update.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Surgery it is...

So we are looking at surgery. Not sure of the date. All we know is that it consists of screws, metal bars and "bones from a bone bank". (Yes, dead people's bones will be used to reconstruct my husband's spine!!) The recovery will be 6-8 weeks with an additional 6-8 months with restrictions. This means Jeff is checking to see if he will get disability, if he will be able to keep his job and if he is able to keep his job can he work with restrictions for the 6-8 months...

A lot to figure out. But hey- he is alive and does not have cancer. It will all work out.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Jeff just called and we are in the clear!!

FFFEEEWWWW!!! What a relief. Now we just need to figure out what is going on. Appointment still to come on Tuesday.

And by the way- CANCER STILL SUCKS!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tuesdays should be dispensible...

So my kids are great! They are fine. Not one problem on the horizon. No sniffles. No blocked pooper. We are clear. Veda has even been somewhat sweet to us lately. Using her please and thank yous a lot.

Jeff on the other hand.... We went to the Spine Dr. yesterday. My first time going with him. (I really need to go every time b/c I found out a lot.) Jeff reports to the intern that his pain ranges from a 0-8. What!? I knew it didn't feel good but an 8. And an 8 from Jeff is a 15 for me I am sure. The boy doesn't complain much. I swear it's a boy thing. I also found out that his left foot is numb all the time. HELLO! Should we be concerned? YES!!

Jeff gets up and show the Dr. his back and the Dr. looks concerned. Good! He notices that there is a large change. Then he starts asking questions about weight loss (Jeff has lost 18 pounds in the past 4-6 months) and pain scales. He then notices that Jeff's back is swollen. So he decides that he wants to get more blood work and a second MRI. We go and get the blood work done with no problems.

Later in the night I am lying in bed and Jeff comes in and lies next to me.

"I have to tell you something. You are going to be mad at me if I don't."

"Okay, what?" (I am thinking- who did he kill? Sleep with? Is the house on fire? Is there a big booger on my nose?)

"You do know what that blood test was for don't you?"


"It was a C-Met (?) it checks for cancer..."

Sweating immediately occurs. What? Are you Fucking kidding me? It makes sense thought. Weight loss, pain, shifting.. But it just can't be. So now we have to wait until Tuesday to find anything out!! And I sit trying not to let J know that I am freaking out. He seems so calm about it. I shouldn't even worry about it until we know more. Ugh. I am worried about it. I am so worried that something may happen to my Jeffe. I don't want to have him be sick or hurt. I don't want him to be in pain anymore. Someone please take this away. I am ready to recycle this back issue. Recycle it back to where it came from.

On the bright side- the Dr. is currently paying attention. There will be movement now.

I am applying now for my reality TV show.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Life- as an adult...

Seriously, I am old. I am coming close to banking in on my 35th birthday... UGH.

So is better- on an antibiotic. He had an ear infection and sore throat. He continues to be silly. He has been lucky enough to spend time with his CB the last two days. He loves her... (So do I!)

Again I experienced one of those mother nights... 11:30 at night- fast asleep... "mom, mom, mom... MOM!" Veda standing over me at the side of the bed. I can see her face is flushed in the dark. Shit. I knew it. She wasn't joking yesterday when she said her throat hurt. She is notorious for being sick for a moment then a rapid recovery! MAGIC! I wish I could put that in a bottle.

Dr. B has no openings today so we will be going to the walk in tonight. I swear I must have funded that man's retirement. But I love him. He is a wonderful Doctor.

So there has been no heat at work for the last 2 days. No really- no heat. I have Veda with me today at work (thinking that by now it would have been fixed). She is under her blanket with a room heater on her, snow boots, a hat, winter coat and sweatshirt. At least she is warm...

Jeff thought his back was getting better yesterday! We go on the 15th to see the spine surgeon. I hope this gets fixed soon. If not I fear I may lose my boy to depression- or he may just break out the kitchen knife and try his had at being a surgeon.

Students are back on Monday. Looking forward to the excitement of a new semester.

Did you all read about the man who killed 5 people in the Toledo area? He was drunk driving.. Well, his brother (the one who is quoted frequently in the papers) is my student. It was my students truck that hit the mini-van. I am so sad for the family and my student. His life is ruined now too. What one bad choice can do. GW- I hope you aren't the one chosen to defend him. That would be ugly.

I ordered my new camera!! It should be here tomorrow! I think I am going to go into photography!!