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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

As for your blogger space...

I am sorry that I have abandoned you blogger. I have been busy being a mom.
I am officially finished with work for the summer. I go back on August 1st so I have some time off to play with my kids and study for my exam. I have been trying to squeek some study time in every day- not always working. I spend Friday night and Saturday morning at a review session in the DET. Hey did the Wings win last night? I'll have to check that.
Veda finishes school on Thursday and she is not happy about it. She heard this commercial that says "the average child looses 2 and a half months of what they learned in school over the summer." She does not like this. So we are trying to come up with a plan for her to retain all of her brains. She has been pretty decent lately. A bit of testing but that's normal with anyone made partially from my blood. Her piano is coming along great! I have to say she has some talent- not from me.
Soren is busy teething now. He hit me in the eye this morning with a lego (one of the oversize ones) so I have this funny little mark that makes it look like I have bad makeup on the side of my eye. Waiting to see if I get a black eye. He is thinking about walking. He does it between the couch and table but not on his own. He will get there soon enough I am sure. He is still pretty funny. Loves to go running with me and adores to be pushed in the swing. He is not going to be in daycare this summer while I'm off (except for the occasional day just to keep familiar with his daycare provider). So the kids and I will have some time to play!!
Jeff started back to work last night. THANK GOD! I am feeling the money pressure big time. It will figure itself out right? I think he is really glad to be back again getting to see his friends at work and just being out of the house.

Madchen is having surgery as we speak. (Great on the money situation.) She has to have one of her claws removed as she broke it last week. I guess she was out playing with her frisbee and caught it on something.
I have added some recent pictures for you to see. Family one taken at Binder Park Zoo with friend CE