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Monday, October 23, 2006

Which came first??

Hives or anxiety? I believe for me the last few days it began with anxiety (of unknown origin) then leading now to hives EVERYWHERE!! I am completely covered with them and it is driving me crazy! I have taken Benadryl but I am still looking at this quarter sized hives... This baby is doing a job on my body.

My new car is still AWOL. I was supposed to get it today but I have a loaner now. The guy (you know the sleazy car salesman) said it would be here by the end of the night. Well, they close in a hour and 20 minutes. I am not feeling lucky with this deal...

Work was chaotic today. Moving all of our stuff. Tomorrow will be better as I will be able to settle in more to my space. Or at least have a space.

I was so hungry today. I don't remember some of these things with my pregnancy with V.

Off to itch.... and hopefully get my darn car.


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