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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

We're in the 150's

So I had an appointment with my OB/GYN today. Did I tell you that last time I went they lost my culture swab?! So had to do that again. Oh well, I'm pregnant- get used to it right? Anyway- the babies heart rate was 150ish. She wants to have me get another ultrasound to "verify anatomy and viability". Ugh. That phrase freaked me out. But I am assuming she really just wants to confirm my due date. She was thinking I should have been due earlier in the month of May. So I go on the 13th to get the ultrasound. My bladder is not happy about this...

I gained 4 pounds since my last appointment. See you in a few months Floreen Marks.

I am really pissed at JEEP right now- they have my car. It's actually that sleazy boy salesman. My car has been there now about 35 hours- the service department did not even know it was there. THEY HAD NO IDEA!! And of course my sleeze boy wasn't there. And the manager didn't call me back. See how they rate on their survey!!! But I do love my new car- when I have it.

Recent cravings... Pineapple, milk (normally this would gross me out), granola and chocolate (that's nothing new!).


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