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Thursday, August 09, 2007

The calm

I like this job. Although I know this is the calm before the storm. The entering class of the college I am working at is almost 600. This is a huge class for this small liberal arts college. And I am not sure if they are ready for it. So in my office we are getting ready for orientation and getting all of those students the services they need. We have identified at least 50 who have some sort of disability and may be seeking services from me. That is in the fresh class alone!! So I am getting ready for a few really busy weeks.

Soren only woke up 2 times last night. Most other nights it is still 5 times but 2 times this week alone he has let me sleep a bit more. He is getting bigger and bigger. Officially a thumb sucker. Cheeks made of chocolate.

Veda is acting different. I think something is bothering her. It could be her brother, me working, summer- we are just not sure. She just seems to be much more sensitive lately. Overly so.

Jeff's feet are almost healed up. I think he is enjoying being around with Soren and Veda more.

Off to try and spend time with the family. I will try and be better about blogging.

Some days I wish I was Stephanie Plum...