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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lake life

We have been gone at my parents the last several days- at the lake. I love it there. Riding jet skis, boating and relaxing! So now we are home.

I am a bit panicked since I start work on Wednesday. I had promised Veda we would get her room finished before I went back to work so we are going to be working on that today. I already have the wall paper off and it repainted. Now we just have to hang curtains and put up these doohickeys that make the room cute.

Veda's grandparents are coming today. They will hopefully be okay with us finishing her room while they are here.

Jeff is still hiking. He is doing the PA portion of the Appalachian trail this week. I can't wait until he is home. I miss him like crazy! I got to talk to him a bit a few days ago and he said they were having a really good time. Fun stories like sleeping with bats and snakes.

Still having a difficult time with Soren and getting him to sleep. Of course I didn't make it any better by letting him just sleep with me at my parents house. Last night was hell. I was up most of the night trying not to let myself put him in my bed. I need to break him of this waking up 5-10 times a night. I can't do it much longer. And I think he is to small to let him just cry it out. In a year I won't remember this. Right?


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