Random thoughts (really needing to just get stuff off of my chest....)

Friday, February 29, 2008


Things seem to be coming together. Somehow I have managed to keep my kids and my husband alive these past few days. Not sure how... I did forget to eat yesterday until about dinner time. UGH! I am back at work so trying to juggle all of this is tricky. But, I can do this. Like Barak Obama says "YES WE CAN!" I can with the help of my friends..

On that note... does anyone know of an award that you can give to people who save your life daily? If so I have about 10 people who deserve to get it. I never knew friendships really meant all of this. I am so lucky.

Jeff is healing. Slowly. He is still walking like a cute little old man. He has slowed on the pain meds as they make him real groggy. He actually played a bit of World of Warcraft today so you know he is feeling a bit better. We have it all set up for him in the bedroom. I plan to make him shower today. That will be interesting. These wash ups have been fun but I am ready to hose him down. I know he will feel better when he is clean. It's not fun to be musty.

My folks are off to some foreign land- what a way to retire. They are having so much fun. I just hope that we plan that well so we can do that too.

Again, thanks for all of your thoughts.