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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This would ONLY happen to me...

So I was on call yesterday as it was a holiday for my hospice. I get a call around 4:30 saying that I needed to go be with a family as the mother had just died- she was young. Both of the children were due in around 5:30. I got there around 4:50 to support her husband and wait for the children to arrive. They finally do arrive. I give the family some space and go wait in the waiting room with some of the other friends and family who were at the hospital. By this time it is about 5:50 or so. We all go back into the room to support the family. I sit next to the 23 year old daughter as she was having a very difficult time. For about 7-10 minutes I do my hospice deal then- BAM! WHACK! The next thing I know I am getting very numb and then I wake up with three people (one nurse and two of the deceased woman's family members) in my face screaming "Are you OK Danielle?"

OK so as you can guess I passed out. This then led to an entire night in the E.R. with a battery of tests. A EKG, blood work up, fetal heart sounds and multiple blood pressures . Needless to say I missed 24- AGAIN! I have to go to my OB today to ensure Soren is OK.

Don't tell my dad this but it looks as though I may be a bit anemic with low protein and low calcium. Some vegetarian I am. I am terrified that my OB is going to strongly encourage me to eat meat. She was not sure that this episode was due to those three things but I do need to address them none-the-less. I have to call the OB first thing.

Can you just imagine having your mother die and having your hospice social worker pass out in her room. (They all said they were thankful because it broke some of the tension.)

So last night I still didn't feel quite right. And to be honest right now I am a bit off as well. I guess only time will tell. But I don't like the fact that I passed out sitting up. I have been getting lightheaded for awhile now when I go from prone to standing or sitting to standing quickly.

Maybe I am just turning into an airhead. My dad did say that pregnant women lose 8% of the brain functioning when they are pregnant. Maybe mine brain just forgot how to stay alert.

Some comfort I was huh?


Blogger Josh Wilkins said...

Check out the book Becoming Vegan it has the best charts I have seen for nutritional break down of vegie food plus a section on vegan preggers which should be super eazy eating vegetarian.

I also have 24 episodes 1-4 in ipod format and I think they are being release on DVD next week to get everyone into the series. This season is way better then last.

Your new bereavement counseling method DISTRACTION. Hey look I'm pregnant if that doesn't work just feint on them.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 3:23:00 PM  

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