Random thoughts (really needing to just get stuff off of my chest....)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I will most definitely hold a grudge against I encourage everyone to avoid this company like the plague. Long story short- they promised to have my daughter's "Santa gift" here overnight and 7 days later it did not come. I called each day and never received a call back. Fooey on them... I did find her gift the night before Santa came- all is well.

J and V are at a water park today. How fun. A bit jealous since I have to work. We were at my parents house for the holiday. J had to stay here and work- life of a nurse.

Had an OB appointment today. Heartbeat was 146. All looks well. We go for the ultrasound on Friday. I am really excited that we will be able to really get to know this baby better. Find a name, start the room etc...

Work is going okay. I am working with another friends family member. I am wishing for him that this is not a long process. Sometimes death does not come fast enough. The family is doing well and I know they will be fine.

New Years is almost here. Can you believe it??

OK name ideas... My dad hates most of them. Let me know what you think.

boy- Soren, Liam

girl- Solace, Tyyne

Obviously we have no idea what to do about it- we will have more direction on Friday.

Happy Holidays to all of you..