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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fainting spell update...

So I went to the Doctor today... And like I thought my iron, calcium, protein and blood sugar are all low. Needless to say this little boy is sucking the life out of me. My OB says he is just taking what he needs and I just don't have enough to keep both of us healthy on what I am currently in taking. So of course she suggested I eat meat (chicken and fish) to get the complex proteins and iron that I need. I am now on an iron supplement and eating fake meat like crazy. I really don't want to eat meat but when you have it in your face- loud and clear- that you are not doing a good enough job, you second guess it. Especially when your baby is involved.

I was also sent over to the hospital for more blood work and an ultrasound to check the baby. He looks fine. They actually did a 3-D ultrasound and I have pictures of my boy. Actual pictures. I can see is little lips, nose and eyes. I will try and post them later. He is adorable I must admit!! Takes after his mother- OK, his father. It is just so weird to actually see him. I can't wait...

That's it for the update. Basically, I am a poor vegetarian.


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