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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Calmer now..

Things have settled down a bit. Jeff still has high b/p and Veda is still questioning but we are dealing better with it. Jeff continues to take his two medications a day and we will wait and see. He is calling the spine surgeon today to try and schedule yet another appointment with him (I guess you have a certain protocol you have to follow (several appointments) before they will do the surgery). He continues to do PT but doesn't feel that much better.
Veda had a great Christmas. There have been several times over the past days that we have spent time just hugging- even crying at times. Still questioning me but not sitting me down at the kitchen table to do it. It is much more relaxed. I asked her if she wanted to go back to a therapist and she said yes. Now I am debating on if I should take her back to the same one we went to a year or so ago or find someone new.
We spent time with my mom and dad and are finally home. We have a few more places to go and that overwhelms me a bit. I am feeling the need to hunker at home and take care of some long awaited projects- cleaning... Things you don't normally get a chance to do when you are a working mom.
My family decided to donate money to for the holidays rather than exchange gifts. What a fun thing. I am glad that I didn't come home with a bunch of stuff I didn't need.

So loved his first Christmas. Veda got AG doll itty bitty babies from Santa as where so got a rocking bug. We had a great time with both of our families. We had to reschedule with Tad's family so we go up there on Sunday.


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