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Monday, March 31, 2008

the scratch

No news on the D**** front. Sorry. Kids are on spring break. V is at Tad's parents for a few days. We went up to my nephews show yesterday afternoon- he was great. Hard to watch him on the stage as he has taken on/over a lot of Tad's mannerisms. Almost uncanny how similar they move. It was hard for me to just enjoy E's performance as I was caught tracing the movements he made. Anyway- E was great. He has a wonderful voice. He is very talented. And he has a SENIOR as a girlfriend. He's a freshman. UGH.

Soren has continued to crawl he thinks he's pretty cool. He does every once in awhile flop back down and do the commando thing. Funny kid. I am getting pretty frustrated with him biting and hitting me. He doesn't seem to do it to anyone else. I have several bruises and scabs on my elbow. And my face is all scratched up from him trying to rip my glasses off. Nice. Not sure how to get him to stop. My current way is to tell him to Stop! He doesn't like me to raise my voice so he starts to tear up. I have also told him NO and then just set him down on the ground so he is not in my arms anymore. This seems to be very disconcerting to him. Hopefully that will work. I am listening for suggestions.

Jeff seems to be doing better. Although he seems depressed. I will walk into the bedroom (his dungeon) and often he is just looking off into the nothingness of our room. He goes back to the Dr. tomorrow so hopefully he will be given some good news. Possibility of PT soon?! I think that will be nice for him. Even to get out and drive.

I have attached a picture of the infamous scratch from D****. What a little bitch!

A few other recent shots as well.